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The first thing to know is that not all suspected “bites” are from Bed Bugs. A Skin lesion can come from many things, so it is essential not to jump the gun and think the worst. It’s even more important to get an honest Bed Bug Inspection with accurate results you can trust. I’ve met many people who were taken advantage of over the years. Some people went through emotional distress while spending money fighting Bed Bugs they never actually had.

Boot A Pest offers the best Bed Bug Inspection in the industry. We will show you evidence, so you can make an educated treatment decision. And if you don’t have Bed Bugs, you’ll rest easy knowing you can trust our inspection results.

Please remember – Whether you choose to use Boot A Pest or another company, always insist on seeing actual evidence. You don’t have Bed Bugs without evidence. Use the Bed Bug Facts link below to learn more about Bed Bug Bites.

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